The ENhANCE Alliance includes 12 partners (+1 Affiliated), from 6 different EU countries representing VET providers in the field of Nursing, Regulatory Bodies for FCN training, Professional Associations and Public and Private Employers, Universities and Research Centres.

Among partners there are:

  • VET providers:
    UNIGE, UEF and TEI-The are three Universities (Faculties of Nursing) with much experience in the field of Health Sector VET. They will design national curricula and coordinate pilot courses in Italy, Greece and Finland;
    AWV (and the affiliated AFBB) will play the role of ECVET and EQAVET expert, assuring the compliance of the Professional Profile, the Curriculum and of the general Quality assurance process to these important EU tools;
  • FUTURE BALLOONS is an enterprise expert in innovative solutions for VET and they will provide a study on the evolution of the employment market for Family and Community Nurse occupational profile.
  • Regulatory Bodies for Family and Community Nurse VET: A.Li.Sa. and ENE will collaborate to the proper definition of the Professional Profile and Curriculum, as envisaged by their institutional role, assuring for the reliability and sustainability of national curricula.
  • Representatives of Public and Private Employers: A.Li.Sa. and EASPD will provide their perspective in the definition of Professional Profile and Curriculum, in order to reduce the identifies skills gap.
  • Nurses Professional Associations: ENE as the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses, will provide the “professionals’ point of view” in the project main results.
  • EUROCARERS, which is an umbrella organization bringing together 64 carer organizations, will lead dissemination, exploitation and sustainability activities linking with other carer associations.
  • Sector-specific experts and links other EU projects:
    CNR-ITD is a public research institute focusing on methodologies and tools supporting innovative learning processes; it will coordinate the project providing fundamental expertise in this field;
    SI4LIFE is a regional research hub expert in the field of Active and Healthy Aging and Instructional Design in the field of Health; as CARESS EU project coordinator, it will provide fundamental input about the results of this ongoing SSA project about HOMECARE;
    A.Li.Sa as CONSENSO EU project partner, it will provide fundamental input about the results of this ongoing Interreg EU project about new PHC models centered on FCNs.